The 10 Most Delicious Desserts in Scottsdale, Arizona

When you think of Scottsdale, Arizona, you think of luxury resorts, 330 days of sunshine a year, and world-class golf courses like TPC Scottsdale, Troon North, and Grayhawk. But what about the desserts? Tripononline has done the research to uncover the best sweet treats in the desert. We've analyzed the data to discover the top dessert restaurants in Scottsdale and created an ordered list of options to help you choose the most delicious desserts in town. At the top of our list is The Gondolino at Gainey Ranch Resort.

This classic dessert has been on the menu since 1987 and is a tribute to the establishment's commitment to offering an authentic Italian restaurant. The hotel even has four handmade gondolas that are still used today. When local berries are available, a perfectly caramelized crème brûlée base is topped with an almond-crusted pastry rack and filled with local berries. Next up is ZuZu restaurant in Hotel Valley Ho, where you'll find the Show Stopper Shake - an exaggerated milkshake that literally overflows.

Chef Russell LaCasce explains that what began two years ago as a way to improve the milkshake, which was a popular item on the menu when the restaurant first opened its doors in 1956, has since become a cult fan favorite. Proof Canteen offers French Toast Cheesecake - a unique twist on a classic dessert. The space has been rebuilt to offer the best dining experience on terraces and is part of the 43 rooms at the Hermosa Inn. Ruze Cake House offers Fruity Pebble and Lucky Charm Macaroni - a fun and flavorful combination of cereal and marshmallows.

When you consider all these amazing desserts, it's easy to understand why Scottsdale is known as “The World's Best Golf Destination”. From luxurious soft drinks to unusual macarons, these are the desserts you can't miss in Scottsdale.

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